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The holidays before your first remote placement

Secured a job in a remote community next term? Congratulations!
Some of you may be thinking- “Holy heck, how do I get prepared for this?!”

Here are some suggestions:
– Relax and rejuvenate- ‘fill your cup’ because you will need all your emotional energy for your move and new job. Enjoy your family and friends, your favourite cafes, your service providers… because you will be away for at least 10 weeks+ at a time.
– Connect with other remote teachers who can support you and advise you through your early days- Teachers in Remote Communities (past, present, future) on Facebook is open for everyone while The Remote Teacher Learning Hub members can join the exclusive The Remote Teacher Member Mastermind group on Facebook. Your school might also have a communication channel where you can connect with current staff such as a Facebook chat thread or group or group email.
– Ask the contact details of your HOD or team leader who may be able to give you the handover documents, yearly overview, unit plans or Scope&Sequence documents for your classes. Or may not… some schools have very little resources and hand over. Plan your first week for lots of expectation setting, getting to know you, relationship and team building activities. Do not over plan- things change including allocated class, you will have students with diverse needs including changing attendance and ability levels that you can’t plan ahead for without knowing your students.
– If you still don’t feel prepared you might consider a basic resource shop (we have some TPT resources that might suit) so setting up your classroom will be a breeze when you arrive. You might download and laminate your class displays, or do a op shop to see what bargains you can find.
– Still feel a little overwhelmed you might consider taking some professional development such as trauma aware, behaviour management, cultural awareness, reading intervention and support, calm classrooms or more. The Remote Teacher Learning Hub has some great courses for you and The Remote Teacher (past, present, future) Facebook group has great suggestions for others.
– Need more structure and to be more prepared? Make a list of actionable and achievable things that you can tick off- these things should be things you can control. The aim of this is not overwhelm it is to support your feelings of control.
– Connect with support services to deal with your big (and totally valid) emotions- this might be us, Smile Teachers, A Counseled Life, or your regular health professionals.
– Did I mention relax, rejuvenate, feel prepared enough but not stressed out?

You’ve got this. We believe in you!

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  1. I have been remote for 12 months and the advice I received at the beginning was imperative. Make sure you pack as much food as you can afford into your removal eg. Toilet paper, can food, cereal, toiletries, washing powder, lollies, chips, uht milk, tea and coffee as examples. I have found this type of food to be extremely expensive and saved heaps by taking it with me. If you like yoghurt invest in a yoghurt machine from Big W. Yet again massive savings.

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