Increasing Teacher Retention in Remote Outback Schools

Remote outback schools are known for the high turnover of staff, low teacher retension and challenges in recruiting staff.  Our work in this space is to make sure teachers feel aware of the opportunities and challenges and be prepared to take on their remote teaching roles with strength.  As part

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Remote Awareness Course

Whether you’re contemplating a career in remote teaching or you’re already on this unique path, the “Remote Awareness Course” welcomes you. This course will usher you to remote teaching, meticulously crafted to furnish you with the knowledge and self-assurance essential for a triumphant journey.  A BRIEF HISTORY OF AUSTRALIA In

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Deadly Reads: The Frog and The Brolga

We couldn’t help but review this text… set in Purnululu (Frog Hollow) community in the East Kimberley. Home to lots of my (Carl) family- their faces, drawings and stories inside. The Frog and the Brolga: A story from Purnululu Community by Purnululu Community with Liz Thompson and published by Pearson

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Migrate to Remote Australia Course

Are you an adventurous educator with passion for teaching? Have you ever dreamed of exploring the vast landscapes of Australia while making a meaningful impact on the lives of the students? If so, the “Migrate to Remote Australia” course might just be your passport to an exciting new chapter in

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Remote Preparation Course

Are you a teacher ready to embrace the world of remote education? To ensure you’re well-prepared for this transformative journey, we present our Remote Preparation Course, a comprehensive guide tailored specifically for teachers transitioning into remote teaching. Whether you’re new to the concept or seeking to enhance your knowledge about

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Pre Remote Membership

Are you a preservice, graduate or ‘remote curious’ teacher? Are you interested in remote outback teaching but feel like you need more information and support? Want to apply by not sure where or how? Our Pre-Remote Membership is designed to help you overcome your fears, learn about remote outback teaching

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Budgeting as a remote outback teacher

This is a blog post that I (Hakea) wish someone had written before I took up my first teaching position. I had heard people raving about Barefoot Investor but thought it sounded culty… and besides ‘investing’ sounded a lot like gambling to me. So I didn’t educate myself and I

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Tips for travelling safely in the outback

Roads in outback Australia can be sparse, long and empty of fellow travelers. They can be beautiful, ever changing, and interesting. But also hot, lacking phone reception or amenities. It is important that you take into consideration some hints and tips before travelling. These are just some of the hints

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