Checklist for new remote teachers (1)

Checklist for new remote teachers

There is so much that could be added to a checklist for teachers new to remote outback communities. We have tried to condense the most important for you.

  1. Research online, speak with current principal and teachers, and then with Elders: Familiarise yourself with the local community and culture, including any specific customs or traditions. We talked about this with Kathy Ona, experienced remote principal, on the podcast episode here.
  2. Research and plan for potential hazards, such as extreme weather conditions or dangerous wildlife. Stock up on necessary supplies and equipment, including food, water, and first aid supplies. Make sure you have first aid kit, basic car tools, a box and blanket (for animals) in your car. Make sure you have first aid kit, emergency kit in your house. We blogged more about those here: Pets in Remote Outback Communities, Dealing with Natural Disasters.
  3. Establish a reliable means of communication, such as a satellite phone or UHF radio in your car.
  4. Pack extra resources in your uplift as you may not be able to easily access personal or school supplies. We blogged about that here: What Should I Pack To Take Remote?, What to pack for your remote teaching role, Shopping for your remote classroom, Setting Up Your Remote Classroom
  5. Secure your car, house and classroom. We have another blog about that here: Crime and Security as a Remote Teacher
  6. Get settled in your house: Moving into your teacher housing
  7. Get to know the people you need to know: Elders, First Nations colleagues, neighbours, police, nurses. You never know when you will need to call on any of them.

Obviously this is not an extensive list- but it is a ‘hit the ground’ running checklist for new remote outback teachers.

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