Addressing the Remote Teacher Shortage: Strategies and Challenges

The recruitment and retention of remote outback teachers has always been a challenge. It’s a complex issue influenced by various factors. Let’s explore the results from a discussion post held in our Facebook group, Teachers in Remote Communities (Past, Present and Future). Additionally, we’ll categorise and summarise valuable comments from

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Increasing Teacher Retention in Remote Outback Schools

Remote outback schools are known for the high turnover of staff, low teacher retension and challenges in recruiting staff.  Our work in this space is to make sure teachers feel aware of the opportunities and challenges and be prepared to take on their remote teaching roles with strength.  As part

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Budgeting as a remote outback teacher

This is a blog post that I (Hakea) wish someone had written before I took up my first teaching position. I had heard people raving about Barefoot Investor but thought it sounded culty… and besides ‘investing’ sounded a lot like gambling to me. So I didn’t educate myself and I

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Tips for travelling safely in the outback

Roads in outback Australia can be sparse, long and empty of fellow travelers. They can be beautiful, ever changing, and interesting. But also hot, lacking phone reception or amenities. It is important that you take into consideration some hints and tips before travelling. These are just some of the hints

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Instagram Remote Teacher Accounts

Welcome to your ultimate remote outback teacher inspiration station…. or remote teacher Instagram account directory! Remote outback teacher Instagram accounts from across the country to learn from, connect to and be inspired by! Want to be a remote outback teacher but need to know more first? Check out our

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Your remote outback teaching journey

No matter what stage of your remote teaching journey you are at- we are here for you. From remote ‘curious’, just been accepted for a position, during uplift, new remote or experienced remote- we are here for you. First Nations educator looking to transition to teaching- we are here for

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The importance of deep listening as a remote teacher

As remote outback teachers we are coming to our classrooms from a different cultural background, childhood and teaching experience- and may view the world, teaching and learning through a different lens. Deep listening is particularly important for remote outback teachers as it allows better understanding and respect of unique culture

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