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Routines in Outback Classrooms

This week members in the Thrive 6 Week Intensive Membership are learning about and collaborating around ‘routines’ in their future outback classrooms.

Routines and procedures are like the path that students can follow to help them along their learning journey. Students just follow the same path every day- with the same fences (rules) but the landscape and challenges (learning activities) change every day. There is safety in predictability. Students know what is expected of them, where they should be and what they should be doing with routines and procedures. Routines and procedures free up student’s cognitive load so they can spend more of their mental focus on learning. Routines and procedures aren’t meant to be restrictive- rather free you up to be creative- spending more time on the stuff that counts.

Members in our Thrive Intensive this week will get daily thinking prompts, video content, downloads and support. They will leave the week with practical ways to use routines in their classrooms.

If you are new to outback teaching- you might like to sign up for our Thrive Membership waitlist.

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