Find Someone Who- Team Building and Getting To Know You


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Find Someone Who- Getting to Know You Game for Remote Aboriginal Communities


13+ Ready to use ‘Find Someone Who’ templates with of varying lengths

30+ additional ‘find someone who’ topics or prompts to make your own cards


Students are given a ‘Find Someone Who’ card. They walk around the classroom asking each other the questions until their whole card is filled up. You might ask them to only answer one question on each others’ page or you may require that they write down the answer or a detail to add to the complexity. The first might be the winner for a prize. Or you might quiz them and get students to recall a detail from their discussion with another student- make it fun by giving them points or using buzzers or awarding a prize for the first student to correctly recall three details in a row.


You could use these examples and have students come up with one of their own.


For lower literacy children you may ask the person answering the question to write their own name. Or use initials. You might ask students to buddy up to complete the sheet. Or sit in small groups to complete by reading each question and sharing answers and stories.


Suitable for- Bush children, rural kids, remote kids, Aboriginal, farm students, teachers in remote communities, remote community schools. Most suitable for children 5+ or with basic literacy.


For classes with lower literacy going through the card and reading to students recommended.


* I have personally had success with this activity up to grade 9 in a remote community school. Students will be hesitant at first so a tangible incentive helps to get kids moving- first to get a line filled/whole sheet filled get a prize. Maybe having an extra prize for someone who could recall details for your lower literacy students.


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