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First Nations Students- First Nations Faces

Imagine going through school and in all the text books, websites, worksheets and posters were faces and experiences that were different to yours. Imagine if the books you read in class, the videos you watched were of the mainstream experience only. This can be the experience of some of our remote First Nations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) students.

While learning about cultures, lives and experiences different to our own can be enlightening and enriching- if this is the majority of what you are exposed to then you may be left feeling that your life, culture and experiences don’t matter, are lesser than or are ‘bad’ or ‘wrong’. Finding a balance is important.

It is important that we give students the opportunity to see their faces, stories, experiences and lives reflected in some of the media, classroom decorations and learning experiences we offer in our classes.

This can be difficult sometimes for non-Indigenous teachers to find the balance of. Working closely with your Aboriginal Education Officer or First Nations colleagues will help you get the balance right.

Literacy and literature

  • Check what resources are available already in your school library- you might be surprised.
  • Investigate the texts on offer at Magabala Books offer a range of genres, text difficulty, topics
  • Honey Ant Readers are ‘learn to read’ books designed in consultation with First Nations Elders.
  • SPELD also has First Nations phonics readers now available
  • Carl and Hakea have also published some books for classroom use with learning resources see their website here. And see some of the study packs they have created on TPT here.
  • These are some popular First Nations authors in Australia: Ambelin Kwaymullina, Kirli Saunders, Dub Leffler, Sally Morgan, Bronwyn Bancroft to name a few.
  • Often First Nations teachers and teacher’s assistants may have made local language texts that could be used to teach different concepts at your school. If they haven’t they may be willing to create location, language and culture specific resources to help with an upcoming unit of work. Planning together allows you to also work to develop resources together.

Displays and Resources

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