Improve your resume as a remote teacher

3 Ways to Improve Your Outback Teaching Resume

So you have decided to apply for a remote teaching position in outback Australia? You have decided which state/territory or school to apply to but now are polishing your resume.

  1. Read the guides WA Remote Teaching Service Applicant Information, Teach Queensland Quick Guide
  2. Do these free/budget online professional development courses to add to your ‘professional learning’ section of your resume: Stronger Smarter Online Module (free), Australian Childhood Foundation Courses (budget), EdX Reconcilliation Through Indigenous Education (free), Creative Spirits Quick Intro Into Aboriginal Culture (budget), Marulu Strategy videos (free), The Remote Teacher courses (budget), The Koori Curriculum (moderate). These courses address education areas that will make you suited specifically to remote classroom teacher roles.
  3. Have a clear, succinct Professional Summary which clearly highlights why you are suitable for and passionate about remote teaching and First Nations education.

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