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1965 Freedom Ride for Remote Teachers

As remote teachers we have a responsibility to be life long learners. We must learn about and start a journey of understanding. A good teacher in remote communities has a broad knowledge of First Nations history and can use this knowledge to enhance their instruction in the classroom.

The 1965 Freedom Ride is an important historical moment for First Nations activism; not only did it raise conscious awareness of racism in Australia but also sparked and strengthen the campaigns to end racism that followed including the 1967 Referendum and changes to the Constitution.

The Freedom Ride was sparked when a group of students from the University of Sydney wanted to raise national and international awareness of the appalling living conditions of Aboriginal people and the racism that these people faced. The Freedom Ride was a 15-day bus journey through New South Wales that brought the maltreatment of First Nations people to the awareness of Australians and international audiences.

Some important things our students can learn from the 1965 Freedom Rides:

  • Individuals can create change
  • First Nations people can collaborate and join forces to create change
  • Many voices can join together to create change

Resources to teach the 1965 Freedom Ride:

Share with us how you celebrate and study the 1965 Freedom Ride in the week of 12th February.

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