Want to reduce turn-over of your new staff? Increase retention? Reduce staff overwhelm and culture shock?

Would you love your staff to arrive in community more prepared?  

In 2 weeks we will share secrets to forming relationships with students and staff, managing behaviour, setting routines and expectations, supporting students with special needs and culture awareness.

In just 2 weeks your new staff will feel confident, successful and supported…leaving them more time for adventure, new friendships and the experience of a lifetime.


Invest in your remote teacher’s success. 


In our Thrive Membership, we provide new graduates with the essentials to set you up for remote teaching success- including checklists, resources, training videos & 1-on-1 support. 

They will hit the ground running with strategies, activities & pedagogy that works!


Targeted, relevant professional development as voted by current and previous grads in remote community schools delivered across two weeks.

 Intensive support, guidance and troubleshooting for 6 weeks (and beyond).

Access to our exclusive collaborative learning space to share ideas, learn, connect and grow.

 A range of bonuses to use in classrooms from day one.

What if your new staff could have a stress free start to remote teaching?

Can you picture starting your new remote teachers already knowing the opportunities and struggles they might face… and being equipped and confident to meet them head on? Reducing their need to call on admin support. Increasing student outcomes from the start. 

Imagine your new staff having the structures, routines and systems needed in their classroom already planned and set to go on their first day. Saving YOU time upskilling them on these basics.   

How would you feel knowing your staff had a toolkit of tried and tested activities, strategies and pedagogy approaches to use from day one? Meaning you could trust them in the classroom to deliver engaging lessons straight away. 

Imagine new staff ready to establish strong, respectful relationships with your diverse students from day one- reducing behaviour issues, increasing learning… and making your job more enjoyable!

That is what the Thrive Membership can offer. A win for your new staff, a win for students…. and a win for the leadership team who can be confident in their new staff.


Are you ready to invest in new teacher's remote teaching success?


Access to our exclusive online community to collaborate, connect and communicate. They feel supported and connected!

Experience 6 weeks of close support and guidance from a First Nations educator and an experienced remote teacher and HOD. They feel confident and competent! 

Receive 2 weeks of tailored training designed in consultation with past and present graduate remote teachers- by experienced First Nations educators and teaching staff. They are prepared!

Access to checklists and culturally appropriate resources designed for your first remote outback classroom. They have clear steps to take!

Relationships are key to your success as a remote teacher. In this module we look at why relationships are so important, the types of relationships, and the ways to develop and maintain relationships.

Systems and routines will help reduce your planning, reduce negative behaviours and increase classroom safety. In this module we look at the what, why and hows of systems and routines in remote classrooms. 

Behaviour management is an art! In this module we look at ways to proactively reduce behaviours, manage behaviour and reflect on what we can control in our classrooms. 

Our students will have different upbringings, life experience, ways of being and seeing the world. As teachers in remote communities it is our duty to be on a learning journey too. In this module we discuss culture, creating relevant lessons and how to support our culturally diverse students. 

The needs of your students in remote communities will be diverse. In this module we look at common special needs, ways these may manifest in the classroom and strategies to support our students.

In this module you will learn how to hook your students in with fun, engaging and creative strategies and activities. We will discuss why engagement is super important in remote contexts.

The Thrive Intensive is facilitated by Carl Merrison and Hakea Hustler. Carl was educated in a remote school, worked as an AEIO and Clontarf worker in a remote school, and has many family members as students and staff in remote schools around Australia. Hakea has many years experience in remote schools as a teacher and HOD. 

New staff will receive weekly prompts, content and updates in the exclusive The Remote Teacher Member Mastermind Facebook group. Their training videos and resources will be posted in The Remote Teacher Learning Hub. 

Content will be released across 2 weeks on the Learning Hub and on the Facebook group. Participants get 6 weeks of additional supports and Live chats. They will have access to the training and replay lives for the full year so if they fall behind or want to revisit anything they can do that throughout their first year of teaching!

New teachers get three training units a week across the holiday period which are delivered as training videos with workbook and activities. They can complete at their own pace. It is anticipated that the learning would take around one hour each module but there are other opportunities to engage and learn in addition to the recorded trainings- including in our Facebook group to do deeper learning and collaboration. 

Your staff can attend Facebook lives throughout their Intensive- but everything is recorded and available at a later date. They can ask questions and seek support throughout the 6 weeks via Facebook inbox, Learning Hub chatroom or in the Facebook group. 

The Thrive Membership is perfectly suited to all Australian remotes! Content can be applicable to all remote contexts- take what works and leave what doesn’t. 

 For 6 weeks of training, resources and support… to allow your new staff to feel confident, supported and prepared for their new adventure… I wonder what price you’d put on it? 

Investing in professional development of these staff pays off in retention, reduced turn over, teacher wellbeing, improved student outcomes. 

We offer school discounts for bulk purchases. 


Yes! This Thrive Intensive is linked to the AITSL Standards and can be claimed as self-identified elective professional development.

Ready for the next step?

We only open the Thrive Intensive a few times a year to allow us to focus deeply in with a select few participants. 

The next round of the Thrive Intensive will run July 2022 to prepare participants for success in Semester 2 2022.