The Remote Teacher Memberships

We sometimes get asked what is the benefit of joining our online memberships for outback teachers, remote teachers, new graduate Australian teachers in remote communities?

We know that moving to a new small community in the Australian outback to take up your first remote teaching position is a HUGE move. We understand that you may have overwhelm, culture shock and be super busy setting up your new life.

So inside our membership we have tried to design the things that we can do to make your life a little easier so you can spend more time enjoying your time remote than being stressed or overwhelmed.

Inside the Membership you get:

  • Support and guidance from Carl Merrison (First Nations man who grew up remote, was educated remote, and has worked in remote education for over 10 years) and Hakea Hustler (experienced remote teacher and HOD) so you don’t have to face your new context alone.
  • Monthly lives where we can help break down and brainstorm approaches to things that you are struggling with in your classroom, school, community or life as a remote teacher.
  • Access to our exclusive Learning Hub and Facebook Members Mastermind for exclusive content, bonuses and learning.

Interested in taking the leap to save yourself time and energy in your remote teaching role? Check out the Membership Options HERE.

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We help new remote teachers feel confident and successful  so that they can make the most of their time remote and live a life of adventure.

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