Which type of remote community is for me?

This quiz will help prospective 'remote curious' teachers decide which location might be best for them: coastal, island, desert or inland.

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What kind of community location do you dream of working in?

2 / 12

What mess do you hate cleaning up off your front porch, mat and floor?

3 / 12

Which of these colours is your favourite?

4 / 12

What describes your favourite fish?

5 / 12

What leisure vehicles do you own or want to own?

6 / 12

What sounds do you love going to sleep to?

7 / 12

What do you love to smell on the morning breeze?

8 / 12

How far are you comfortable traveling to a body of water?

9 / 12

Which type of water sport do you enjoy the most?

10 / 12

What is your dream holiday location?

11 / 12

Barefoot walking- what do you love to have under your feet and between your toes?

12 / 12

What type of swimming do you like to do?


What type of remote education system is right for me?

This quiz helps you consider which education system you should apply for remote teaching work with.

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What do you enjoy doing for your morning routine?

2 / 7

What types of colleagues do you enjoy working with?

3 / 7

What matters to you as a teacher in a system?

4 / 7

When/if you finish remote outback teaching, what type of school will you likely transfer back into?

5 / 7

What do you value most?

6 / 7

What schooling system would you want to send your children to?

7 / 7

Which education system have you had experience in (either on prac, volunteer or employment)?


Am I ready for remote outback teaching?

This quiz helps you decide if NOW is the time to start remote outback teaching.

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How do you feel about your current teaching skills and abilities?

2 / 14

I consider myself...

3 / 14

Which best describes me?

4 / 14

My current living arrangements are:

5 / 14

Which of these most applies to you?

6 / 14

How do you feel about living on your own or with a teacher housemate?

7 / 14

Which of these activities sounds appealing to you?

8 / 14

Which of these activities sounds enjoyable to you?

9 / 14

How do you feel about the prospect of living away from shops, services and amenities available in your home town?

10 / 14

What kind of experience do you have with the following: ESLD, trauma-informed teaching, Special Needs, culture awareness, behaviour management?

11 / 14

How involved have you been with The Remote Teacher (blog, podcast, Facebook group, courses, resources etc)?

12 / 14

How much would you say wage, benefits and incentives have driven your interest in remote outback teaching?

13 / 14

What kind of commitments do you have in the next 12 months in your home town (weddings, birthdays, graduations, surgery, planned travel etc)?

14 / 14

How much experience have you had working with First Nations students, families and communities (uni pracs, volunteer, work exp)?