One of the common questions that pops up on the Facebook group ‘Teachers in Remote Communities (Past, Present, Future)’ is “What courses do you recommend for outback teachers?”. Here is a growing list of professional development relevant to First Nations, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, education and outback teachers. For additional informal learning read our Recommended Viewing Guide and Recommended Reading Guide

We Recommend

Trauma Informed Teaching Professional Development.

Stronger Smarter Approach is aimed out improving outcomes for First Nations students. 

Team Team are unique behaviour management programs that focus on respect, communication, and reducing interventions.


Kagan training is a powerful tool to improve student teacher relationships, engagement and collaboration.

Improve student outcomes by coaching teachers. 

Dr Paul Swan focuses on ‘Excellence in Mathematics’. As remote outback teachers literacy and numeracy is often integrated across the curriculum. Upskilling in this space is an important skill.

Trauma informed teaching professional development.

Talk4Writing is a framework by Pie Corbett and supported by Julia Strong. It is based on how children learn and learn to read and write.

Understanding Poverty training focuses on the economic reality of some our students and the impact on behaviour. 

Professional development on a whole school writing approach. 

Kylie Captain is an educator, author and professional development facilitator around leading Aboriginal Education.

Rock and Water is a professional development course that is backed by science on social skills, behaviour and risk taking. 

This Foundation is for teachers working with children from trauma, neglect and helping children overcome challenges. 

Professional development about protective behaviours. 

Aboriginal perspectives in the classroom. 

Aboriginal Education in the classroom. 

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander pespectives in mathematics. Supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to achieve in mathematics. 

Digital technology in First Nations education. 

Prevention and early intervention and empowerment rather than crisis and deficit. 

Mental, physical and social wellbeing through movement. 

PD about supporting students with additional needs. 

Indigenous ways of being and thinking. 

A great resource with PD on the EALD capability framework.

First Nations ways of learning. 

Christine delivers engaging and detailed professional development using brain science, brain health and attachment theories. She has years of experience teaching and presenting in the Kimberley WA. Highly recommend. 

Culturally informed trauma informed healing workshops delivered all over Australia by highly trained staff.

Deliver PD about collaborative and strengths based approaches to high expectation relationships.

Designed by Aboriginal people for Aboriginal people this service delivers PD across regional and rural Australia including mental health, suicide prevention and cultural awareness courses. 

Scott Wilson from Icecream Productions offers professional development to remote outback schools across Australia. He can present about First Nations people as first educators, early childhood, power of sports in education, high expectation relationships, storytelling and much more. 

Bart Pigram is a Principal’s Consultant for the Department of Education WA on Two-Way Science Education. He runs his own cultural tours business. 

Red Dust Healing is a culturally informed healing program.

Holly-Ann Martin from Safe4Kids delivers child protection programs for schools, communities and families in remote outback locations. 

Our Courses

Perfect FREE PD for remote outback teachers to develop a success mindset. 

Not sure what outback education is, where it fits, if it’s for you? Want to know more about remote outback teaching, learn more about what remote schools are like? This course is for you. 

The Remote Prep Course will prepare you to begin your first remote teaching role with confidence. 

A must do course for all remote teachers no matter what stage in your career. Little steps to make sure you experience maximum success in your career. 

New remote outback teachers will feel confident with the skills and knowledge to overcome the challenges they might face as a new remote teacher. Small investment to save the time, heartache and confusion of making the mistakes and learning without support.

International migrant teachers interested in working in a remote outback school will love this course. 

A range of really short, practical and to the point courses for remote outback teachers. 

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