Checklist for new remote teachers

There is so much that could be added to a checklist for teachers new to remote outback communities. We have tried to condense the most important for you. Obviously this is not an extensive list- but it is a ‘hit the ground’ running checklist for new remote outback teachers. We’d

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‘New person fatigue’ for First Nations staff

What is ‘new person fatigue’ for Aboriginal people in remote outback communities? “New person fatigue” is a term used to describe the feeling of exhaustion that can be experienced by people in small, remote communities when they are frequently visited by outsiders or have a rotation of new staff into

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Dealing with natural disasters in remote communities

The recent flood in the Fitzroy Valley in the Kimberley in WA- and indeed across the top end- have highlighted the need for remote teacher awareness of some of the natural disasters you may face. Not to induce fear- but to help you prepare so you feel confident and prepared.

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Teaching out of subject area in a remote outback school

Remote outback schools are small. The pool of staff willing to move to the outback is smaller than competitive inner city schools. So sometimes you are recruited and may need to teach out of your trained subject areas. It can be confronting, challenging and seem like a lot of work.

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First Week “Getting to Know You Activities” Remote Teachers

Relationships are key to your success as a remote outback teacher. Relationships will help with attendance, behaviour, engagement, retention of learning as well as your personal enjoyment. In remote outback communities the work you do in the first week, and then ongoing (with transient students and fluctuating attendance) is very

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Moving into teacher housing

Many remote teacher contracts come with free or subsidised housing- depending on level of remoteness, system (DET, Catholic, Independent) and availability. The size, condition and what comes included (such as white goods and other furniture) varies a lot from one community, one state/territory and system. This checklist might assist you

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Cultural Differences between Teacher and Student

While local First Nations teachers is the remote outback education ideal, the reality is that the vast majority of remote teachers are of a different background and culture than their First Nations students. Our cultural background can be a huge strength, can bring challenges but always needs us to reflect

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