What to pack for your remote teaching role

There are four pre-packing considerations and four packing logistics to consider when getting ready for your move to your rural or remote teaching placement. After you are granted a contract in a remote community school you should do the following things to help you decide what to pack to take

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Suggested Reading for New Teachers in Remote Communities

New to remote teaching and want to learn more? Beginning remote community teachers often ask how they can best prepare for their new teaching positions in outback Australia. We have compiled a list of readings and resources that might help you feel more culturally aware and mentally prepared for your

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Mental Health as Remote Teachers

This topic is so vitally important. You can’t fill from an empty cup- as they say. Working as a teacher in a remote community school in outback Australia can be hard work. You leave your family and travel a long way from your family and friends, you start a new

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Teaching out of subject area as a remote teacher

Remote community schools can be small (so limited staff juggling the curriculum) or hard to staff and this sometimes means you might be asked to teach out of your qualified subject area. This can be overwhelming for teachers who are new to remote teaching- you have just moved to a

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The holidays before your first remote placement

Secured a job in a remote community next term? Congratulations!Some of you may be thinking- “Holy heck, how do I get prepared for this?!” Here are some suggestions:– Relax and rejuvenate- ‘fill your cup’ because you will need all your emotional energy for your move and new job. Enjoy your

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7 Tips For Choosing Your Remote Community

Assess your comfort zone.Do you have experience living remote or rural? Or experience with moving towns and re-establishing yourself? Are you outdoorsy with experience camping and traveling far from home? Then a more remote placement might be for you. If you haven’t lived away from home or have limited teaching

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