Career advancement in remote community schools

Working as a teacher in a remote community can present many personal and professional opportunities and benefits. One of which can we career progression. To maximise your success during your time remote- whatever ‘success’ looks like for you- it is important to think about your goals and the steps you

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Planning for success in Term 2

You’ve survived your first term of remote teaching! That is so huge. Well done you, the deadly remote teacher! First term was all about finding your feet- unpacking your house, getting to know your students, new colleagues, new community, new culture, new language, new ways of learning, new expectations at

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Encouraging Australian First Nations students to write

“I can’t think of anything”, “I have nothing to write about”, “I can’t write”…. Sometimes it can be tough to motivate our students to write. Sometimes it can be tough to support low literacy students to ‘take a risk’ to see that they can write or they have stories that

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Budgeting as a Remote Teacher

I wish, I wish I had of sort some financial advice or done some self directed financial education before my time remote. Understanding how to budget your teaching wage (after skimping as a university student) AND how to manage your extra allowances and incentives can be a big learning curve.

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Code Switching Yarn Circle

Not quite sure how to incorporate ‘code switching’ activities to support students in moving between Aboriginal English (AE), Kriole or traditional language to Standard Australian English(SAE)? It can be really tricky as a mainstream teacher understanding how to support English as a Second Language or Dialect (ESLD) students to acquire

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Setting Up Your Remote Classroom

It’s so exciting setting up your remote classroom for the first time! What works in your mainstream city classroom might not be the best classroom design options for remote. Some considerations for what you decide to use in your classroom: Removable covers are great! Anything red or dark colours would

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Ways to overcome anxiety about your remote teaching role

Feeling overwhelmed or anxious about your upcoming remote teacher role? I remember when I landed my first remote teaching role- I was trawling the internet for any research, article or idea for how to best prepare and what to expect! If you are like me, these ideas might help you

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17 Behaviour Management Considerations in your Remote Classroom

Sick of feeling overwhelmed, overworked and stressed about behaviour management? Want to feel confident, successful and stress-free walking into your remote classroom? There are so many complex dynamics in any classroom- whether mainstream or not. In remote classrooms you have additional layers of ESLD, different cultures, a history of intergenerational

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What Should I Pack To Take Remote?

One of the common questions over on Teachers in Remote Communities (Past, Present, Future) is ‘what should I be packing to take with me to my remote teaching placement?’. One of our deadly members, Felicia, suggested that we compile some of the answers and add our own ideas to a

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How to be successful in your remote teaching role

Remote teaching can be amazing, career building, character building… it can also be stressful, overwhelming and a lot of hard work. You might be at the start of your remote journey or mid way through and questioning how to make your experience remote the best it can be. Firstly, you’ll

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