Safe4Kids- Protective Behaviours

We were able to do a podcast interview with the amazing Holly-Ann from Safe4Kids about Protective Behaviours and Protective Education. Holly-Ann delivers workshops, professional development, programs and more on consent, sex education, protective education for remote outback communities Australia wide. Listen to the podcast, download it for your long drives

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Teacher accreditation- professional development maintenance

Can The Remote Teacher courses and memberships be used for professional development maintenance hours to count towards my teacher accreditation? Completing the our online courses and memberships will provide self-identified elective professional development addressing the following Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining graduate standard. Remember to record your professional development on

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1965 Freedom Ride for Remote Teachers

As remote teachers we have a responsibility to be life long learners. We must learn about and start a journey of understanding. A good teacher in remote communities has a broad knowledge of First Nations history and can use this knowledge to enhance their instruction in the classroom. The 1965

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Routines in Outback Classrooms

This week members in the Thrive 6 Week Intensive Membership are learning about and collaborating around ‘routines’ in their future outback classrooms. Routines and procedures are like the path that students can follow to help them along their learning journey. Students just follow the same path every day- with the

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Pets in Remote Outback Communities

You’ve been posted to a remote outback community school. Your next adventure is about to begin. But where does your pet fit into the mix? Questions to ask before accepting the role Getting your pet there Pet safety Risks for pets Pet health care Keeping your pet cool Remote outback

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Crime and Security as a Remote Teacher

We recently polled members in Teachers in Remote Communities (Past, Present, Future) about their ‘biggest fear’ about teaching in a remote community school. The 4th biggest concern for new remote teachers was ‘crime’. Here are a list of safety and crime reduction hints and tips we learnt along the way.

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Remote health care for outback teachers

Remote healthcare can be limited. Your remote community may have a regional hospital, a clinic that is staffed by staff in community, a clinic that is not staffed full time, or no clinic at all. You may have access to travelling specialists, you may have access to video calls with

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Relationships in Outback Schools

We are so excited that amazing members in our Thrive Intensive begin their learning and collaboration this week! This week we are focusing on ‘relationships’ in our remote community schools. Relationships is the first of our topics in the Thrive Intensive because it is so important for everything else that

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How to deal with FOMO as a remote teacher

Remote teaching can be an adventure of a lifetime. You get to experience amazing things where you are too: places where hardly any non-Indigenous people ever get to see, hunt and gather traditional bush foods, fishing, hiking through red dirt country, parties with new friends and colleagues, 4WD on some

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