Cultural Differences between Teacher and Student

While local First Nations teachers is the remote outback education ideal, the reality is that the vast majority of remote teachers are of a different background and culture than their First Nations students. Our cultural background can be a huge strength, can bring challenges but always needs us to reflect

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How we can raise the profile of outback teachers?

To some, outback teachers are perceived as ‘lazy’, or ‘hiding out’ in the outback away from criticism of their teaching, or that they could not get a job in the towns or cities. This is a misconception we are aiming to dispel. We know that experienced remote outback teachers are

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Dealing with culture shock as an outback teacher

Culture shock is a common experience for people who are living or traveling in a new cultural environment. Even though you may be working in Australia- some teachers liken their first time teaching remote to times they have been to a different country- being surrounded by new cultures, languages, tastes,

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Teaching Remote with Kids

Are you considering moving to a remote community to accept a teaching position… with your children? Want to work in a remote outback school but concerned about if your children will fit in? You are so not alone. This is a really common question on the group ‘Teachers in Remote

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The Impact of COVID on Outback Teaching

Remote teaching has always been challenging… and rewarding. Early outback teachers of the past went without internet, air conditioning, being charged by the minute for expensive phone calls. Less access to transport, roads yet to be sealed, less services. Outback teachers pre-COVID still faced the challenges of homesickness, isolation, natural

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What challenges face outback teachers?

Someone posted the attached image and I think it is really important to address. We don’t want to sugar coat what can be a very challenging teaching journey. We want new remote teachers going out prepared, confident and experience success… because your success= student success. Context Every community is different-

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New contract to teach in a remote community?

Have you just got a teaching contract for this term in a remote outback community school? First of all, CONGRATULATIONS! This is a huge and exciting move for you. I remember the holidays before I moved remote. I searched the library, articles, internet and social media for any extra skerrick

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