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3 Benefits of Remote Teaching in Australia

Teaching in rural and remote outback Aboriginal communities in Australia can be personally and professionally rewarding. Let us share with you some of the advantages of teaching in outback Australia. Relationships Leaving your home town to teach in a remote outback First Nations community is BIG! You are leaving your

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Tips to improve your remote teaching application

5 Tips to Improve Your Remote Teaching Application

You have decided to take the leap and apply for a position as a remote teacher in an Australian outback school. We are so excited for you. This experience will be life changing. But you might feel a little overwhelmed and stuck with writing a job winning application. Don’t worry-

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3 Ways to Improve Your Outback Teaching Resume

So you have decided to apply for a remote teaching position in outback Australia? You have decided which state/territory or school to apply to but now are polishing your resume. Read the guides WA Remote Teaching Service Applicant Information, Teach Queensland Quick Guide Do these free/budget online professional development courses

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First Nations Background and Borders

Are you looking for First Nations backgrounds and borders? First Nations Aboriginal Gija and Jaru man, Carl Merrison, has made some borders and backgrounds for personal classroom and/or commercial use. These backgrounds and borders could be used in worksheets, displays, homework, Power Points, workbooks and more to add a splash

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Is teaching in a remote community for me?

We have seen some amazing teachers, some not so amazing, some that lasted literally a day. We’ve seen teachers stand confused while students jumped on desks, teachers who gave colouring sheets as assessment in high school unable to understand differentiation, teachers who felt depressed and isolated. We’ve seen teachers make

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Shopping for your remote classroom

Shopping for your new remote classroom can be exciting! We’ve done some of the hard work for you. If you have not yet had an uplift (Education Department paid removal) and you don’t have restricted allowance (some states do) then you might consider bringing classroom resources with you to save

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The Remote Teacher Memberships

We sometimes get asked what is the benefit of joining our online memberships for outback teachers, remote teachers, new graduate Australian teachers in remote communities? We know that moving to a new small community in the Australian outback to take up your first remote teaching position is a HUGE move.

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