Who can become an Ambassador or Affiliate?

This is a space for people who:
– wish they had courses like these when they were pre-service, ‘remote curious’, or early in their outback teaching career…or
– have taken one or more of our courses and found immense value in them that you want to share with others…or
– have followed us for a while and trust our hints, tips and advice and know that our courses will offer value to others.

If any of those is you we welcome you to join us in sharing our value packed offerings, and in turn get a percentage of the investment back as passive income to you.

What you get?


  1. Sign up for ‘Portal Access’ over on www.members.theremoteteacher.com.au
  2. Explore our The Remote Teacher Learning Hub to see what benefits our courses and Hub have for participants.
  3. Go to your Affiliate Area: https://www.members.theremoteteacher.com.au/affiliate-area/
  4. Under the ‘Affiliate URL’ tab copy and paste the unique referral URL that identifies you.
  5. Use this Referral URL to link through to The Remote Teacher course page (or any other page in our website) in your social media, blog posts or other platforms.
  6. In the ‘Settings’ tab register to have your affiliate percentage paid using the Payouts Service.
  7. Remember our core values when promoting our courses

Terms of Use

The Remote Teacher Ambassadors and Affiliates agree to uphold the following values:

Have questions? Reach out to us on our Facebook, Instagram or email.