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5 Good Places to Find Remote Teaching Jobs 2022

Interested in teaching in an outback remote community school in 2022?

Unsure where to begin with finding the perfect remote placement? Northern Territory, Western Australia, Queensland, South Australian or Torres Strait Island? Coastal or desert? Public, private, Catholic or Christian?

We are so excited for you- future remote teacher! We can help.

To find your dream remote teaching role in 2022 look in the following places:

  1. Facebook Groups Teachers in Remote Communities (Past, Present, Future), Teach in the Territory
  2. Department of Education State and Territory Websites- DET WA, DET NT, DET QLD, DET SA
  3. Catholic Education- CEWA, Catholic Education NT
  4. Job Search Platforms: Seek, CareerOne, Indeed,
  5. Job Agencies such as Footprint Placements (outback specific), Smart Teachers, Frontline Education Recruitment

Some remote teaching positions only open at certain times of the year- such as the Western Australian Remote Teaching Pool. So if you are thinking of working remote next year- now is the time to start looking.

Our blog post 5 Tips to Apply for Remote Teaching Positions has some great hints and tips to improve your application.

Feel like you might need a little support in your first months remote teaching? We can help! We have our Survive and Thrive Membership to be in your corner as you find your feet in your new community!

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