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3 Quick and Easy Ways to Improve Your Knowledge of Outback Remote Teaching

Teaching in rural and remote Australia can be a super rewarding career decision. Learning about what it involves, the benefits, the challenges and ways to become involved may be a hurdle for some preservice and graduate teachers. We are here to break down barriers and support highly competent new teachers into remote roles that are a perfect match. We want you to be the next remote teacher. The three steps are: Read, Click, Follow.

Read: Knowledge about First Nations education

Teaching in a rural outback community is not the same as teaching in a mainstream city school. You have students from a different cultural background, often ESLD speaking traditional language or Kriole or Aboriginal English as their first language, your students have different ways of being and learning. New things for you to learn.

So learning more about First Nations education will improve your knowledge of rural teaching. An easy way to do that is to read 🙂

A quick snapshot of remote teaching can be gained from reading:

  • Our list of recommended reads can be found here.

Click: Knowledge about the state/territories that have remote schools

Follow: Knowledge about the rewards and challenges of remote education

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